Simple, stylish and light template for WordPress. “Life is Simple” is a text- and image-oriented with good typography: it’s all about the content here! Functional and powerful inside, clean and lightweight outside. Easy to use and modify. Clean and understandable code, valid XHTML. SEO friendly, optimized for the search engines. No images or javascript, CSS only – reduces traffic and loading time.

Future belongs to large screens and high resolutions, so the theme is wide enough and capable to display a big-sized images.

Currently available in 5 languages: English (default), Bulgarian, German, Canadian French, and Persian.

  • two columns
  • right sidebar
  • flexible width
  • menu bar
  • widgets
  • gravatars
  • languages
  • build-in support for plugins
  • WordPress 2.5 and higher
  • Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE7+ and other browsers

Provided by Easy Design and Chereshka.


Well, you’re actually looking it right now — this site uses the “Life is Simple” theme! For better preview please take a look at the Demo category.




  1. Extract the downloaded archive.
  2. Upload the life-is-simple folder to your /wp-content/themes/ directory.
  3. Activate the theme through the “Themes” menu in WordPress’s admin panel.




Language support

How to activate an additional language – learn here.
Currently available languages are Bulgarian (bg_BG), German (de_DE), Canadian French (fr_CA), Persian (fa_IR), and of course English (the default one, don’t count it). Both .po and .mo files are included in the package. If you find out any spelling errors or other inaccuracies, please let me know. If you have an idea how to work with translation software (such as Poedit), you can translate the theme in your own language using my files and templates. It’s easy actually, and you don’t need to be a wordpress developer. Also, I’ll really appreciate that!
I know the source files don’t look at their best, but I’ll fix them as soon as possible. Anyway, everything works!

Plugin compatibility

“Life is Simple” follows the standarts and works fine with all kind of plugins. However, it is specially modified to support the following ones:

  • WP-PageNavi (mirror)
  • Comment Notifier (mirror)
  • Comment Info Detector (mirror)
  • Twitter for WordPress (mirror)

I recommend you to install (and use) at least the first two of them.
I hope you enjoy it. All comments and mostly critiques are welcome! Please share your ideas and opinion. Help me to improve the theme. Thank you!