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Fastest Theme

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“Life is Simple” was listed as one of the fastest themes for WordPress, taking 3rd place. The comparison is among 430 themes.

The calculation includes: Combined page load times + YSlow score + Page Speed Score Rating + MySQL load.

See the list of first 1-50 fastest themes here. The whole site is not much user-friendly, but it’s very interesting.

Life is Simple v1.3.5

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Added Persian (fa_IR) language support. Translation by عبدالماجد, many thanks!
Fixed a bug in post categories’ listing.
Footer edited.

Life is Simple v1.3.4

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Added Canadian French (fr_CA) language support. Translation by Saad Tazi, many thanks!

Life is Simple v1.3.3

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Found an invisble for the users bug in style.css (discrepancy between borders values in #header section) – fixed!

Life is Simple v1.3.2

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Bug fixed in archive.php – removed a repeating line.
Bug fixed in comments.php, almost a critical one. Please update!
Some empty space cleaning in comments.php, nothing important here.
Some changes in footer.php, edited the text.
Updated the German (de_DE) language support. Erm, how to use it?
Added Bulgarian (bg_BG) language to the theme. Translation by me. Want to translate in your own language?